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The rise of little activism: Farage to be prosecuted by MEP candidate

To be a doctor by profession and leave it aside in order to become an overnight group activist street-beating with no professional tools and a rather amateurish cause is both touching and insane.  This is what the leader of a newly created political formation, the Europeans Party, Tommy Tomescu is doing. In the past few days he has managed to get himself booked into most of mainstream media with prime time appearances on C4 News, BBC news, front page of online Guardian aiming to get the name of their new party known in time before the EU elections where he has illusory hopes to become an MEP. (

I do not know what reactions are appropriate to this level of activism. Question is  should I go behind and support them? A lot of us Romanians volunteered on social networks to support the campaign to strengthen it with resources, moral support and advice to show we are doing something and are not indifferent to the attacks and abuses we have been subject to incessantly with no merit in the past years in the UK.

Are we organising ourselves to counter-attack the Faragism in a kind of pathetic disappointing way or we should simply let it go away eventually indeterminately? Faragism became relentless, on a rise, big bold brass. And so some action was needed even amateurish and whatever extraction.

First attempts were the ones of the last year when the Romanian newspaper Gandul decided to run a positive campaign to show how Romania truly is with beautiful women and glorious pastures to visit. they also decided that some form of petitioning and complaining should go with it and so some reluctant subscribers managed to get behind it.

Now we had Tomescu’s on C4, BBC News, who came up with an illusory plan to ‘prosecute Farage’ and his Faragim by invoking a Disorder Law that could be applied here for instigation to hatred and falsification of truths in his statements used in order to instigate.

I recorded over the past years that every Farage’ s media intervention contained references to Romania even when Romania had nothing to do with his context. The gist of Faragism has been that when one needs to say something nasty about anything or anybody the safest expression would be ‘Romanian-like’ with no clear specification as to it may mean. This new vocabulary to safely insert Romanian adjective to express controversial or unsayable things that otherwise would get prosecuted became a norm in the UK media.

I recorded LBC radio’s shows over the past year where the examples of jingoism and disdain towards Romania were so visible and outspoken that it  became a fearless exercise: any UK citizen who wanted to express their living room personal racism could have done so safely by calling the LBC station. Where I think this was a crass media driven conscious campaign of denigration is in the fact that if a Romanian was put on air there would be no time, or will be receiving an answer such as the unforgettable one from David Mellor in November 2013 live on air to a Romanian: you can go home if you complain too much and do not like UK while a previous French caller was told by Mellor : who tells you to go home? you are welcome here because you are French. These were 2 consecutive calls in a long series of LBC records where the appropriation of the ‘Romanian-like’ vocabulary to describe anything unruly or bad was how this radio post has run its business for profit. I am trying to edit the whole material in a publication as it is clear to me the behaviour of lies, masquerading and in fact let me call it ‘hooliganism’ of today’s British journalism is where the real problem is.

Farage went to James O’Brien show as he has usually been going with the same discourse which otherwise until then was not in the slightest considered inappropriate by the British public. In his BBC Question Time appearance the previous week to the O’Brien show he said he wanted ‘quality’ migrants from India and Pakistan not Eastern Europeans and no one stopped to question him what he meant.

But then what could be possibly be done about it if anything at all?

Channel 4 News with their previous declared anti-Faragism, following the O’Brien show, was somehow left behind and needed new business coming through the door. These media forces do not happen because British journalists are keen to discover a thing or two about reality, but because at the end of each day, these media people need cash to pay their own mortgages, the beers and the exotic holidays.

Unlike the little activism people with a placard and a precarious language ability to construct sentences, media people such as the C4 news editor Matthew Moore and Jon Snow are able manipulators of words, images, questions and contexts. What followed on C4 News was to see the un-seen-able in the British media: the presence of 2 Romanian women agreeing with Farage. What was seen on social networking was a complete furore that otherwise the C4 did not want to see: a furore of the little activists in shock, intrigued, mass fermenting underneath the internet cables disagreeing with what C4 presented: no one would have thought that they could ever find a Romanian agreeing with Farage. The ferment of the little activism rendered feeble again.




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